DEVONthink for Mac

Tool for organizing, describing, searching, and linking text and multimedia documents

Top Menu Options

The DEVONthink 3 menu contains options for installing DT updates, Add-Ons, emptying trash/cache, viewing licenses, accessing App services, and quitting the application.

DT3 Menu Options

Most File menu options are related to opening main databases, importing documents, indexing external documents, changing database properties, and troubleshooting issues with a database.

File Menu Options

Besides undoing and redoing edits, the Edit menu options are useful for manipulating text inside of a document or for starting dictation and adding emojis.

Edit Menu Options

The Data menu contains options for creating new files, locating files, moving files, and visually marking files inside of DT3.

Data Menu Options

The Format menu provides options for dealing with text styles and formatting as well as the creation of tables, links, and other associated specialized formats.

Format Menu Options

The Tools menu options are useful for finding/changing documents and PDFs, adding watermarks, creating spreadsheets, and more complex data changes. Also options are available for combining/splitting PDFs and applying Smart Rules within a document.

Tools menu options

The VIEW menu options provide ways to change the default view in DT3. You can also set different view options per file type that you view.

View Menu Options

The Go menu provides easy ways to navigate documents within your DT database without having to find them manually.  Larger databases can be made easier to navigate by utilizing the To functions.

GO menu