DEVONthink for Mac

Tool for organizing, describing, searching, and linking text and multimedia documents

Accessing DT Features & Keyboard Shortcuts


How to

Create New Database

Top Menu –> File -> New Database

Change View Settings

Top Menu -> View

Open Database

Top Menu -> File -> Open Database

Close Database

Top Menu -> File -> Close Database

Import Files

Drag and Drop from Finder    or

Top Menu -> File -> Import -> Files and Folders

Adding OCR to imported PDF

Select PDFs -> right-click -> OCR -> To Searchable PDF  or

Select PDFs -> Top Menu -> Data -> to searchable PDF

Add Pages to unpaged PDF

Select PDFs -> right-click -> Convert -> To PDF (Paginated) or

Select PDFs-> Top Menu -> Data -> Convert -> to PDF (Paginated)

Create Group

In Database

Right-click -> New Group or

Top Menu -> Data -> New Group

Move Files

Select files -> click and drag

Right-click -> Move to -> “Location”

Create Smart Groups

In Database

Right-click -> New Smart Group  or

Top Menu->Data->New->Smart Group

Add Tags

@Right sidebar (when enabled)

Tags Section -> + symbol -> add tag term

Find Tags

@Left Sidebar

Global -> Tags -> Database_Name

Delete Tags

@Right sidebar

Tags Section -> Right-click -> Remove Tag

Tag Multiple Items

Select Multiple Items -> Right Sidebar -> Tags-> +

Add notes to PDF

Open PDF -> Top Menu -> Tools -> Annotate -> Note

Return to Normal Text Highlighting Mode

Top Menu -> Tools -> Mode -> Text Selection

Add Note Files to any File

Top Menu -> Tools -> Inspectors -> Annotations and Reminders


Click next to the magnifying glass icon in the Toolbar -> enter text

Advanced Search

Search box -> press enter -> Add advanced search parameters

Change View Options

Top Menu -> View -> Sidebar, preview options

Change to Note-taking Mode

Top Menu -> Annotate -> Note

Change to Normal Text Selection

Top Menu -> Mode -> Text Selection

Merge Documents

Top Menu -> Tools -> Merge Documents

Split PDF/Documents

Top Menu -> Tools -> Split PDF or Split Documents

Resize any area

Navigate to the border of any region till you see  “” then click and drag

Change Various DT3 Options

Top Menu -> DEVONthink 3 -> Preferences

Edit Marks (Labels) Colors/Text

Top Menu -> DEVONthink 3 -> Preferences -> Colors

Function Key Combination

Duplicate Item to another location

Option + Drag

Replicate to another location

Command + Option + Drag

Select Multiple contiguous documents

Shift + Click

Select Multiple discontiguous documents

Command + Click

Open a hyperlink in the background

Command + Click

Open a hyperlink in the foreground

Command + Shift + Click

Create a link from one DT document to another (rich text) document

Command + Option + drag from the first document into the second

Open Search in Document

Command + N

Go to the first file, or group beginning with the letter

Control + (letter)

Select All

Command  + A

Quit DT3

Command + Q

Close Current Window

Command + W

Refresh DT3

Command + R

Open Fonts List

Command + T

Print Selection

Command + A


Command + C


Command + V

Update all Indexed Files

Command + N