DEVONthink for Mac

Tool for organizing, describing, searching, and linking text and multimedia documents

Main Window Layout

There are three general sections that DT3 is organized into: 1) the left sidebar, 2) the middle view, and 3) the right sidebar.  The left sidebar is primarily used in navigation and importing files; the middle section is used for file/group view (directory view) and preview; and the right sidebar is mainly used for looking through metadata.

DT Main Window

1. The left sidebar in normal view has multiple headers used in general navigation. 

a.  ““ icon denotes the “navigate” view mode 

  • Favorites -> files that are marked via a favorites icon or flag 
  • Globals-> This contains your Inbox, as well as your Tags per database 
  • Open Databases-> Databases currently open in DT 
  • Smart Groups -> These are “global” smart groups, not the individual smart groups found in a database.
  • Smart Rules -> These are rules created that follow some form of script logic (our backup script is considered to be a smart rule.

b. “ “ icon - the reading list.   You can add items to the reading list by right-clicking file -> Add to -> Reading List 

c.  “ “ icon - import via image capture/ mail clients.  *Note: UTSA emails are incompatible with DT due to the University's Single-Sign-On (SSO) mechanism. 

d.  ““ icon - Support/Help Guide 

2. The middle section will always show files, but has multiple methods for showing them as well as a preview option 

a. Item List options

  • As icons -> shows each file/group as an icon, this will be often a preview of a file 
  • As List-> this is the most common view that lists all files/groups 
  • As Columns -> this turns the list into a column view with more columns being added as you navigate down in groups 
  • As Cover flow -> this shows each item in a cover view method with an included preview, allows arrow keys for navigation 

b. Preview options (when you select a file allows for viewing it before opening a dedicated window) 

  • None 
  • Standard -> shows file below the listings 
  • Widescreen -> shows files to the right of the listing, for ultra-wide monitors. 

3. The right sidebar (when enabled by clicking the “ “ icon in the top right) navigates more specific types of information 

  •  “ “ icon -> Viewing and editing of metadata 
  •  “ “ icon -> Reminders, Finder comments, and DT only annotations
  • “ icon -> Table of Contents (for PDFs) and Thumbnails (for video files, and some PDFs) 
  • “ icon 
  • Annotations -> notes for PDFs 
  • Attachments -> extra documents or files attached to certain types of PDFs 
  • Links -> incoming/outgoing links for each file 
  • Mentions -> Hyperlinks that mention this document by name. 
  • “ icon -> general notation of word count/frequency in different ways 
  • List -> a list of the words that can be sorted in other ways 
  • Cloud-> words represented by size in a “cloud”
  • Graph -> a logarithmic graph of the word count vs frequency rate “ “ icon -> search menu for tags and metadata,
  • “ icon -> searching inside of a document (when in dedicated or preview mode) 
  • Can search for terms in any highlight-able document 
  • Replace works in rich-text (.rtf) and text (.txt) files exclusively