DEVONthink for Mac

Tool for organizing, describing, searching, and linking text and multimedia documents

Contextual Menus

DT also provides many command options in contextual menu items, shown when you Control-click or right-click on elements in the application. Many of the contextual menu items are also found in DEVONthink's menus. In the following tabs, we show a list of common menu items in the contextual menus for documents and windows.

Left Sidebar: Navigate

  • Command options are accessible via right- or Control-clicking on the left sidebar.
  • Depending on the portion of the menu, different options will be available.
  • A useful menu appears when right- or Control-clicking on a database under "Open Databases" on the left sidebar.
  •  Contexual Menu - Sidebar
  • When right- or Control-clicking one of the database items on the left sidebar, the menu options are changed:

Contexual Menus - Left-sidebar 

Contextual Menu options on Item List

  • The following options are available by right- or Control-clicking a file on the item list on the general view.

Contextual Menu - Item List

Contextual Menus on Document Contents

When you Control-click/right-click in the contents of documents, you will see a contextual menu with commands and options.

Depending on file types, the menu options are different.

Rich Text or Plain Text documents PDF or Image documents
Contextual Menu options for text files Contextual Menu Options for PDF or Image documents