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Adding Notes/Comments to PDF Documents

Adding Notes/Comments to PDF Documents

Note that PDF is the only document type that can have Notes attached.

Annotation files are separate files where you can store notes about a specific document. These files can link back to the original file for quick access. Commonly used with PDF documents, they can be used for making notes with any document in your database.

1. Open a PDF document.  If the PDF document is not editable, right-click on the document in the item list view and then select OCR -> Convert to searchable PDF.

Convert to searchable PDF

2.  Select Tools-> Annotate-> Note at the top menu to add notes/comments to a PDF or image document.  You can edit the Note properties when you create them.



Then, click on the part of the PDF document to add a Note --

Adding notes to PDF document

  •  To close the Note, click x on the red circle as shown below.

Close the Note

  •  At the right sidebar -> 4th tab ( ) -> Annotations to view your Note.

View the Note


  •   To return to normal text highlighting mode: select Tools → Mode → Text Selection

Text Selection Mode