DEVONthink for Mac

Tool for organizing, describing, searching, and linking text and multimedia documents

Tagging Documents

By tagging documents, we are creating contextual relationships of your documents in the database. Tags are per database and isolated as such in DT. Tags do not transfer between databases. Tags are added to DT and sorted by database.

  1. Import the files into a database you are using or creating. 
  •  Recommended View settings: 
    • View in the top menu: Sidebar -> Navigate, view -> as List, Preview -> standard.
  1.  Click on a document you want to tag and on the top menu, select Tools -> Inspectors -> Show. The default is Generic under Info.  The right sidebar is set to i and Generic in blue.  
  2.  Go to the Tags section towards the bottom -> Click on      +      to add a tag term and press <enter>/return.  *Notice that when you add a tag, if it’s been added to another document, a drop-down list of words starting with the first matching character is available to select.      

  1.  On the left sidebar,  Globals -> Tags -> “The name of your database” -> click to expand, to see all tags and documents tagged.
  2.  Search for tags by typing the name of a tag in the search bar
    • Left clicking on “Kind” in the search results to move tags to top
    • Click the X in the global search bar to end search
  3.   Delete a tag by right-clicking on the tag for a document and selecting “Remove Tag”
  4.  To tag Multiple Items at once, hold down the <Shift>+ <Command> key combination or hold down the <Shift> key and click on the documents of your choice.  Then go to the right sidebar -> Tags -> and click     +    .     Repeat Step 4 to add tags to multiple items at once.