DEVONthink for Mac

Tool for organizing, describing, searching, and linking text and multimedia documents

Linking Documents


Linking allows you to connect the content inside of a document to another document or adding external links. It is especially useful to link your annotations or notes to a specific document.

You can link PDF documents (.pdf), rich text documents (.rtf), and plain text documents (.txt) in general. Microsoft Office tools are not supported at this time.

This is done in several different ways depending on the file type of your document.

  1.   For documents with file types .ppt(PowerPoint) and .doc(x), create a Rich Text Document (.rtf) in the folder the document is in.  *Note: Document must be editable. 
  2.   Select specific text in the document, then right-click -> Link to -> Location of a document to be linked. 

*Note: You can link to a document with any file type, but those except documents with the file types .rtf, .txt, and .pdf are not recognized as incoming links from those ends.

*Note: When selecting text in the document,  make sure the “text highlighting” icon is selected, indicating in light blue. 

Editing-highlighting text