DEVONthink for Mac

Tool for organizing, describing, searching, and linking text and multimedia documents


The Concordance pane provides a tool for analyzing the contents of documents.   There will be different results presented depending on the selected items.  When no documents are selected, the results will based on the text of documents in the current location, whether a group or a database.  The results are presented in different view options: List, Cloud, and Graph.

  • The List view displays the concordance results in a list with word frequency, number of groups with items containing a specific word, word length, word weight or relevance, and the words.
  • The Cloud view shows the concordance as a word cloud.  The size of the terms is relative to the frequency in the selected items or database. 

Under the List or Cloud view, selected words are highlighted in the current text, and a data graph showing related words is displayed on the selected word.  

Related words

The contextual menu in the List or Cloud view offers some options on the selected/highlighted word: copying the word’s information, adding it to the tag, excluding/including the word, exporting the graph as a PDF (Cloud view only), and Sorting the words by name or count (Cloud view only).

  • The Graph view is a frequency graph showing the word frequency over the rank number of the word.