DEVONthink for Mac

Tool for organizing, describing, searching, and linking text and multimedia documents

Annotations and Notes

Creating an Annotation File

DT has a built-in default annotation template in rich text format, suitable for general use. Other custom templates in plain text, rich text, or Markdown formats are also available. By default, DT is not allowing you to edit files in .pdfs, .odts, and .doc(x)s.   However, you can add notes to certain documents, mainly PDFs, or create Note files in rich text format and link them to selected documents.

Note that only files in rich text format have the "Make Link" option available in its contextual menu, which automatically generates an annotation file in rich text format (.rtf) for you add content. 

*Note: Rich Text Format (.rtf) is a file format that enables exchanging text files between different word processing programs, including MS Word. By default, files in .pdf, .odt, and .doc(x) can not be edited in DT.