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We are happy to assist you in using our resources and finding information and documents, but as librarians we are not qualified to give legal advice or fill out legal forms. If you need legal help, you should speak to an attorney or a legal aid organization. The Legal Help Guide from the Texas State Law Library provides information on free and low-cost options for legal assistance or contacting an attorney in Texas. 

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Selected tutorials available (lengths vary from 5 minutes to one hour) Access using database above.

  • Overview of NexisUni
  • Why Use NexisUni?: An Overview of Key Content & Feature
  • Using Citation Management Tools in NexisUni
  • Searching Law Reviews and Journals by Title
  • Searching Statutes by Citation
  • Segment/Field Searching
  • Hidden Gems on Nexis Uni...Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Resource
  • Hidden Gems on Nexis Uni...Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports & Primary Sources in U.S. Presidential
  • Searching Secondary Resources
  • Hidden Gems on Nexis Uni - Zacks Equity Research & Reuters Knowledge Direct-
  • The ABCs of Conducting Legal Research
  • Searching SEC Filings
  • 280 Million Profiles: Up Close and Personal with Dossier
  • I Am Just A Bill…Did I Make It Off My State’s Capitol Hill?
  • Using the Advanced Search Form
  • Searching by Length of the Article
  • Searching Transcripts by Show
  • Searching News by Journalist
  • Searching News by Foreign Language


>>> Citation Management Tools on Nexis Uni (4 minutes) (Session Recorded October 12, 2022)

List updated: 11/23/2022