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>>> An Overview of the Key Content & Features (30 minutes) (Session recorded September 21, 2021)

General Legal Research

>>> Nexis Uni® for Legal Research (1 hour)  (Session recorded April 14, 2021)

Case Law

>>> Searching Cases on Nexis Uni® (29 minutes) (Session Recorded June 17, 2021)

>>> Finding Cases by Party Name Using Nexis Uni® (24 minutes) (Session Recorded March 27, 2021) 

Statutes and Codes

>>> Searching Federal and State Statutes/Code on Nexis Uni® (26 minutes) (Session Recorded March 22, 2021)

>>> Browsing Federal and State Statutes/Codes on Nexis Uni® (20 minutes)  (Session Recorded April 30, 2021) 

Secondary Sources:
>>> Using Nexis Uni® to Search Secondary Legal Sources (20 minutes)   (Session Recorded April 9, 2021)


>>> Citation Management Tools on Nexis Uni (15 minutes) (Session Recorded October 6, 2021)

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