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Nexis Uni Overview

Legal section of Nexis Uni contains:

State and Federal (Supreme Court, U.S. Appellate, U.S. District) case law decisions (no state trial courts, no jury trials); State and Federal Codes, Regulations and Constitutions; law reviews; Shepardizing for all cases; as well as extensive U.S. and int'l news and business sources. Check All Sources Directory for complete list of available sources and date ranges. Updated daily.

Legal Reference Sources available in Nexis Uni
> Ballentine's Law Dictionary (3rd edition)
> Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary
> American Jurisprudence (2nd ed.)
> Attorney’s Dictionary of Patent Claims
> Attorney’s Dictionary of Medicine
> Dictionary of Occupational Titles
> Intellectual Property Law Dictionary
> The Law Dictionary (7th edition)

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Key Legal Resources

Nexis Uni Webinar Training

Overview of Nexis Uni

>>> An Overview of the Key Content & Features (30 minutes) (Session recorded September 21, 2021)

General Legal Research

>>> Nexis Uni® for Legal Research (1 hour)  (Session recorded April 14, 2021)

Case Law

>>> Searching Cases on Nexis Uni® (29 minutes) (Session Recorded June 17, 2021)

>>> Finding Cases by Party Name Using Nexis Uni® (24 minutes) (Session Recorded March 27, 2021) 

Statutes and Codes

>>> Searching Federal and State Statutes/Code on Nexis Uni® (26 minutes) (Session Recorded March 22, 2021)

>>> Browsing Federal and State Statutes/Codes on Nexis Uni® (20 minutes)  (Session Recorded April 30, 2021) 

Secondary Sources:
>>> Using Nexis Uni® to Search Secondary Legal Sources (20 minutes)   (Session Recorded April 9, 2021)


>>> Citation Management Tools on Nexis Uni (15 minutes) (Session Recorded October 6, 2021)

List updated: 1/9/2022

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