Cite While You Write (Word)

Cite While You Write

One of the best features of EndNote is the Cite While You Write feature that allows users to insert pre-formatted in-text and bibliography citations into Word documents with a few simple clicks. To use Cite While You Write, select the EndNote X9 tab. This tab is automatically added to the toolbar at the top of Word documents once EndNote is installed.

**Note: If the EndNote tab is not appearing in Microsoft Word after you've installed EndNote, try running updates on your Microsoft Office software.


To insert a citation

Be sure the EndNote X9 tab is selected

Check to make sure the proper Style is selected (top arrow)

Make sure your cursor is where you would like to insert the citation

Click Insert Citation (lower arrow)

The Find & Insert References  dialog will open

Enter terms to identify the reference you want to use (e.g. word from the title, author, keywords, year, etc.)

Click Find

Select the reference you want to insert

Click Insert, then use the option that is appropriate.

If have already used the author's name or publication year in your sentence then you can use the "Exclude" option as necessary.

This will add an in-text citation where your cursor is placed as well as a bibliography entry at the end of your document.

If your reference appears unformatted (e.g. {source Smith #12}), check to make sure that Instant Formatting is On -

*** Please note that any reference errors (e.g. wrong year, misspelled author, etc) must be corrected in EndNote (by Editing the Reference) not Word. Changes to citations made in Word will *always* revert back to what EndNote says ***