Creating Annotated Bibliographies in EndNote

Annotated Bibliography

EndNote can be used create a list properly formatted citations without the Cite While You Write feature, this is useful for creating annotated bibliographies.

Check to be sure that the correct Style is chosen in the EndNote toolbar (i.e. APA, MLA, AMA, etc.)

Using Ctrl (Cmnd for Mac users) select all of the references in your library that you want to include

Right-click (Ctrl+click for Mac users) -OR- from the toolbar select Edit then

Click Copy Formattted

** There is also a keyboard shortcut for this (Ctrl+K for PC, Cmnd+K for Mac)

Right-click > Copy Formatted

Open a new Word document

Right-click (Cmnd+click for Mac) -OR- from the toolbar, select Edit

Select Paste

** There is also a keyboard shortcut for this (Ctrl+V for PC, Cmnd+V for Mac)

Now you can save/submit the bibliography or enter space between the citations for notes

*** This method only copies and pastes text. Any changes made to these citations in Word will not sync with EndNote (and vice-versa) as they do when using Cite While You Write ***

Manual bibliography example