Electronic Resources: Troubleshooting

This guide is to assist with electronic resources access issues

Enabling Cookies & Javascript

Enabling Cookies and Javascript

Off-campus errors can occur due to web browsers blocking our authentication method via EZproxy which is used to establish that you are a currently enrolled student, staff or faculty member.  Many of our databases require that you have cookies and Javascript turned on in your browser.


  1. Open the Chrome web browser
  2. Click on 3 horizontal dots or a red arrow at the top far right hand corner of the screen
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on Advanced at the bottom
  5. Under Privacy and Security, click on Content Settings or Site Settings
  6. Click on Cookies
  7. Click on “Allow sites to save and read cookie data”
  8. Turn setting to allowed
  9. Click on left arrow at top to go back a screen
  10. Click on Javascript and turn setting to allowed


  1. Open the Firefox web browser
  2. Click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right to Open Menu
  3. Click on Options
  4. Click on Privacy and Security
  5. Click on “Accept cookies and site data from websites”

Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge web browser
  2. Click on 3 dots on top right
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on View Advanced Settings
  5. Scroll down to Cookies and choose “Don’t block cookies”


  1. Open Safari web browser
  2. From the top menu near the Apple icon click on Safari, choose Preferences from drop down menu
  3. Click on Privacy
  4. Uncheck box “Block all cookies”
  5. Click on Security at top
  6. Check the box for "Enable Javascript"