Electronic Resources: Troubleshooting

This guide is to assist with electronic resources access issues

Google Scholar

If you plan to use Google Scholar off campus and want to access full-text articles, you'll need to link UTSA Libraries to your Google Scholar. This can be done by following the directions below

  1. From scholar.google.com, sign in to your Google account, or use your abc123@my.utsa.edu and passphrase
  2. Click  at the top left corner, 3 horizontal lines
  3. Click the gear icon
  4. Click Library Links
  5. Search for UTSA
  6. Select UTSA Libraries – Available Now @ UTSA
  7. Be sure the box next to UTSA Libraries – Available Now @ UTSA is checked
  8. Click Save

Click the Available Now @ UTSA link for full-text access to an article. If you don't see the link, submit a Get It For Me request, and we’ll get the material from another library for you.

Available Now @ UTSA


If you access Google Scholar directly at scholar.google.com without logging in and creating library links, full-text linking will not be available, and you may be asked to pay.


During updates to Google Scholar these settings can be lost. If “Available @ UTSA” no longer appears, please follow the directions above to link your account again.