Company Research

Resources and search tips for researching companies.

Key Databases for Private Companies

Check multiple sources for a more complete picture of a company.

Where to Find Information about Private Companies


  • While U.S. privately-held companies are not required to file financial data with the SEC, they have to registrer with the state governments. Company information is limited; registration and a fee are usually required to access information.
  • Unless private company willingly provide annual reports or appear in the news articles, it may prove difficult to research them.  
  • Information on private companies is often provided as estimates or ranges.
  • Disclosure requirements in other countries may differ.

Get ideas about private company research strategies here:

Start your research on Google, review your results. Other recommended sources:

Form D Filings

Privately held companies that raise capital are required to file a Form D with the SEC as a notice of an exempt offering of securities. Form D filings may show investments by venture capital, angel investors, or pooled investment funds.

A Form D filing contains:

  • Amount of money raised
  • Equity or debt issuance
  • Industry category
  • Names of the executives and directors
  • Addresses for the company, executives, and directors
  • Other information - brokers used, commission paid

State security regulators may have additional filing requirements.