Using the Library Reading List Tool in Blackboard

Tips for UTSA faculty on using this self-service tool to manage course readings


Reading List Tool

In Blackboard > select course > Tools (course menu) > Library Reading List.

A demo will play.

  1. Select New List > Name the list.
  2. Select template > Default, 5 Week, 4 Unit, 8 Week, 10 Week, or 16 Week. The template may be modified later.
  3. Select Associate and Close to associate the list with your course(s).
  4. Use the ellipsis "..." to access options: create shareable links, view as a student, and more.

Steps & Video

​Select New List. 

Enter title and description

Click Create.

Select a template: Default, 5 Week, 4 Unit, 8 Week, 10 Week, or 16 Week. 

​​​​​Associate the list with your course. You may associate your List with one or more current courses by selected Add a Course option.

Select Associate and Close.

Access options via ellipsis: share, view as students, and more.