Using the Library Reading List Tool in Blackboard

Tips for UTSA faculty on using this self-service tool to manage course readings


How do I request items not owned by UTSA Libraries for course readings?

For a current course in Blackboard: open a course, select Tools on the course menu > open the Library Reading List tool. Open an existing Reading List or create a new one.  Select  Add Items > Blank Form > Enter Title, Author, and Type >Add and Close. The UTSA Libraries team will work with you to get items not already held by the library if available.

If you are requesting a new item for a course that is not yet available in Blackboard, please email your request to as far in advance as possible.

What are the preferred browsers?

The Library Reading List tool works best in Firefox and Chrome. For the best experience, don't use Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Why can't my students see my Reading List?

Confirm that your Reading List is published and associated with your course. If a Reading List is in a draft mode, students won't be able to view it.

I can't find a journal article or book with the Library Search in the Library Reading List tool.  What are my options?

Please contact us by using the Chat window in the bottom right of our website. You may also contact your subject librarian or email Library Reserve at:

How can I link to an e-book chapter?

Depending on an e-book platform, we may be able to link to a chapter, or in other cases we will have to link to the entire e-book.

Search for the chapter using the Library Search function in Reading Lists in Blackboard and add it. If you are not able to find the chapter this way, you can try searching directly in Library Quick Search outside Blackboard and limiting to book chapters available online.

Still no luck? Email Library Reserve at:

What is Collection?

Collection is a way to save items to a re-usable collection instead of a specific Reading List. To view Collection, select a course > select Library Reading List tool > click on the UTSA Libraries logo in top left > click on the menu.

access menu

Click on Collection.

access Collection

The main menu appears at the left at the top of the list. Use the other icons to:

  • Sort the list by date added, title, or author.
  • Refresh the list..
  • Filter the list by tags or by material type. To remove a previously selected filter, select X in the Filtered by line.

collection functionality


When adding items to a Reading List, you may select the Collection option to add saved items.

How do I report a broken link or other issues with Library Reading List?

Please email Library Reserve at:

How do I re-use a Reading List in multiple sections / courses?

If you wish to re-use the same List in multiple sections / courses, you may add other courses using the Manage Course Association option on a List menu. Only the current courses will appear on the association dropdown.

If you wish to create a customized version of a List for another course, use the Duplicate option, edit the list copy, and then associate with a correct course. 

If another instructor wants to work together on course readings or re-use the List you created, add them to your List as a Collaborator. Collaborators may associate the same List with their courses, or Duplicate your List to create a copy for additional customization.

Can my Teaching Assistant create a new Reading List or request a new book through Library Reading List? 

When an instructor adds a TA to a Blackboard course, it does not automatically create permissions for the TA in Library Reading Lists. The instructor must create a Reading List and add the TA as a Collaborator in the Reading List.

Can I access a Reading List on a mobile device?

Yes! Log into UTSA Blackboard, select your course, and then access the Reading List via the link on the left.