Using the Library Reading List Tool in Blackboard

Tips for UTSA faculty and other Blackboard course creators

Create Sections

To structure your Reading List, you may create sections to organize resources by week, topic, type, etc.

Click New Section > provide Title and Description > click Create.

add a section

Add Tags

Add tag

Add Tags to organize the resources on your Reading List and make them  findable and available for filtering. 


available tags

Currently available tags:

  • Optional
  • Required
  • Lecture Readings
  • Recommended
  • Post to Blackboard

Tags are created by the admin. You may request additional tags by emailing

Add Notes

You can add a public or private note to a Reading List or a specific title. A note appears under the citation.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    To add a note, select Add a Note in a section menu. Enter values in the fields in the Add a note pane in the right sidebar and select Create.                                                                                                                                                                                    
You can move, edit, or delete a note in the same way that you perform these actions on citations. When section notes are added, their status is automatically set to Complete.             

Move Items and Sections

You may rearrange items and sections of your Reading List by pointing the cursor on the ellipsis to bring up an edit bar with a Drag Citation or Drag Section prompt.

Move items or sections


The Instructors sidebar in Reading Lists inherits the instructors assigned to the Blackboard course as Reading List collaborators.  

    To invite others to collaborate on a reading list, select Collaborator.  You will see a list of current collaborators.
Select Manage Collaborators.
To invite new collaborators, enter their names or emails. Select Send Invitation.