Using the Library Reading List in Canvas

Tips for UTSA faculty on using Library Reading List to manage course readings

Unarchive & Roll Over

The Library will Roll Over Reading Lists from the previous semester for any courses that are being taught in the current semester. If your course was not rolled over automatically, you should be able to find your Reading List from the previous semester in the current semester. Don't see your list? Follow these steps to roll over your list manually.  

1. To view archived lists, change sort from Last Updated to Archived.
2. Select the ellipsis
3.Select Unarchive
4. Select OK to confirm.
5. The list will move to your reading list main menu as a draft. Re-sort by Last Updated and find it at the top of the list.
6.  Select the ellipsis and choose Roll Over List. 
7.  You will be prompted to chose the current Canvas course to roll the reading list to.
8.  In order to share the list with your students, be sure to Publish when ready.


To ensure that your Reading List is associated with the correct course:

Select Manage Course Association from the ellipsis and choose the correct course association.



If you need to make changes to a current list but would like to retain a copy of the original list, you can use the duplicate feature. 

1. Click the ellipsis and choose Duplicate List.
2. Confirm course association under Manage Course Association to ensure the list is associated with the correct course.
2. In order to share the list with students, be sure to Publish when ready. 


If you have Reading Lists you no longer need, you can delete them and clean up your reading list main menu. 

1. Click the ellipsis and select Delete.
2. A warning box will display that the list will be permanently deleted. Confirm that you want to delete the list by selecting OK