Using the Library Reading List in Canvas

Tips for UTSA faculty on using Library Reading List to manage course readings

Quick Start

The Library Reading List (powered by Leganto) is a Canvas tool that empowers instructors to create course reading lists quickly. With this tool, you can share course readings with your students by adding online resources, physical books, DVDs, and personal files.

Follow These Easy Steps to Get Started

Create a Reading List  ► Add Resources  ► Organize a Reading List ► Publish: Share with Students

Step 1: Create a Reading List in Canvas

  • In Canvas, select course and click Reading List on the left menu 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create your list 

Step 2: Add Items to Your List in Many Ways

  • Add library readings with the Library Search option 
  • Add items from the web with the Cite It! bookmarklet 
  • Create a collection of readings by uploading RIS or BibTex files 
  • Upload your own personal files  
  • Use Blank Form to request new items that the library does not own 

Step 3: Organize Your List

  • Create sections tailored to your syllabus  
  • Sort your list in a variety of ways 
  • Add tags for required and optional readings 

Step 4: Publish and Share Your List with Students

  • Click Publish when you are finished adding items. The list will be shared with your students. 
  • Physical items, new e-books, and streaming media require additional processing time: from one day to several weeks. These items are ready when their status shows Complete