Using the Library Reading List Tool in Blackboard

Tips for UTSA faculty and other Blackboard course creators

About the Library Reading List Tool

The Library Reading List tool (powered by Leganto) is available to UTSA instructors in Blackboard. This tool enables the creation and integration of library resources and websites into your courses by adding links to help students easily access resources. 

  • Add physical books and any resources with a URL to a list, including e-books, book chapters, journal articles, OER, websites, videos, and podcasts.
  • Upload your own files, organize your readings, modify, and re-use them each semester. 
NOTE: The first 75 faculty to show us that they have adopted this new tool and created their own reading and resource lists will receive a Classroom Success Pack. Email when your reading list is ready.


Easy Steps to Create a Reading List

Create a Reading List  ► Add Resources  ► Organize a Reading List ►


Access the Library Reading List Tool

Log into Blackboard and select a course  > Tools on the left menu > Library Reading List tool.

When you first access the tool, the set up wizard will take you through the steps to create a new Reading List and add items.

Reading List Tool

Add Library Reading List to the left menu of your Blackboard course for easy access.

Click on the + sign in the top left corner > select Library Reading List as Type > label your Reading List tool under Name.

Add Reading list tool to blackboard menu

Click  the ellipsis to create and edit content in the Library Reading List Tool.

ellipsis to edit Reading List