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Guidelines to citing in different citation styles

CSE Style

The Council of Science Editors (CSE) Style is a reference style for authors, editors, publishers, students, and translators in all areas of science and related fields but is most heavily used in Biology and Environmental Science & Ecology.

CSE Style Examples

Author A, Author B, Author C. Year of Publication. Article Title. Journal Title. [Internet] [Date Cited]; Volume(Issue):page range. Available from: URL


Musgrove M, Opsahl S, Mahler B, Herrington C, Sample T, & Banta J. 2016. Source, variability, and transformation of nitrate in a regional karst aquifer: Edwards aquifer, central Texas. Science of the Total Environment. [Internet] cited 2019 March 4]; 568: 457–469. Available from: doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2016.05.201

Author A. [if available] Date of Publication [if available]. Page Title [Internet]. [Date cited]. Available from: URL.


Nematodes in General [Internet]. University of Nebraska - Lincoln. [cited 2019 Mar 4] Available from:

Author A, Author B, Author C. Year of Publication. Title. Place of Publication: Publisher.


Stulik J, Toman R, Butaye P, Ulrich, R. 2011. BSL3 and BSL4 Agents: Proteomics, Glycomics, and Antigenicity. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons.

CSE offers three citation systems (citation-sequence, name-year, & citation-name) however name-year is the generally preferred system and is shown here in the examples. Please use style manual linked in the next section for more examples, including other CSE systems.

Prior research (Derrick & Martinez, 1996) has suggested that LTD is involved in associative information storage.

Research by Derrick and Martinez (1996) suggests that...

Derrick and Martinez 1996 study suggested...

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