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Guidelines to citing in different citation styles

ACS Style

ACS style was created by the American Chemical Society for use in chemistry publications and follows guidelines set forth by the ACS Style Guide.

ACS Style Examples

Author, A.A.; Author, B.B.  Title of Article. Journal Abbreviation Year, Volume, xx-xx

Caruso, R. A.; Susha, A.; Caruso, F. Multilayered Titania, Silica, and Laponite Nanoparticle  Coatings  on  Polystyrene  Colloidal  Templates  and  Resulting Inorganic Hollow Spheres. Chem.Mater. 2001, 13, 400–409.

Author, A.A.; Author, B.B. Journal Abbreviation Year, Volume, xx-xx; Chem. Abstr. Year, Volume, ColumnAbst Number

Mohamed, A. M.; Hawata, A.; El-Torgoman, M.; El-Kousy, S. M.; Ismail, A. E.; Øgaard Madsen, J.; Søtofte, I.; Senning, A. Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2002,  2039–2045; Chem. Abstr. 2003, 138, 4195

Author, A.A. (if any).  Title of Site. URL (accessed Month Day, Year), other identifying information (if any)

ACS Publications Division Home Page. (accessed Nov 7, 2004). Chemical Abstracts Service. STN on the Web. (accessed Nov 7, 2004)

Author, A.A.; Author, B.B. Chapter Title. Book Title, Edition; Series Information (if avail.); Publisher: Place of Publication, Year; Volume, pp xx-xx

DAT 2017-2018: strategies, practice and review; Kaplan Publishing: New York, NY, 2016

(Belosludtsev, Juškevičius et al. 2017)

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