Creative Commons Licenses

Overview of Creative Commons licenses.

Find Creative Commons Licensed Works

Below are sources for finding CC-licensed work.  If you are looking for open educational resources, you will want to check out the 2nd and 3rd links below.

Attributing CC Licensed Works

TASL: Best practice attribution to provide credit to work you are re-using:

T= Title

A=Author (provide link)

S=Source (provide link)

L=License (link to the CC license deed)

Each element is needed in order to ensure that you always give credit to original authors for their work. If you do not have all of the information, do the best you can with the information that is provided. Version 4.0 of licenses does not require you users to include the title of the original work. However, it is best practice to include the title anyway if it is provided.

Example of Best Practice Attribution:

"Earth" by Kevin M. Gill is licensed under CC BY 2.0






Attributing Derivative Works

your work is based on someone else's work-a modification or adaptation-communicate this clearly and attribute the original creator of the work.  It is also important to provide a link to the original work and to the license of that original work.

Example of Attributing Derivative Works

UTSA Libraries' "Which Creative Commons License is Right for Me?", licensed CC BY 4.0, is a derivative of Creative Commons Australia's "Which Creative Commons Licence is right for me?" fact sheet, licensed CC BY 2.5. The content was adapted and updated from Creative Commons Australia for the UTSA community and to reflect current CC licenses. This flowchart does not constitute legal advice or counsel.


When re-mixing, it's important to:

  1. Clearly identify for users who created which parts of the work
  2. Identify the terms under which any given work, or part of a work, can be used.
  3. Provide information about works you used to create your new work or incorporated into your work

The Saylor MA121: Introduction to Statistics course, below, is a great example of providing a Course Terms of Use: defining what constitutes the "course" and providing information about the sources used to create the course, along with each source's respective license and original version.

Attributions & License

Creative Commons License
This work "Creative Commons Licenses" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and is a derivative of the September 2020 Creative Commons Certificate Course by Creative Commons, also licensed CC BY 4.0. DeeAnn Ivie adapted content from the Creative Commons Certificate Course adding it to the "Creative Commons Licenses" Libguide.