Creative Commons Licenses

Overview of Creative Commons licenses.


In all cases, you need to take license compatibility into account when making decisions around which sources to include in and which license to apply to your adaptation; some licenses play well together while others do not.

Use the chart below to assist you as you discover and evaluate new sources for inclusion in your adapted work.

License Compatibility

Adapter's License

The license that you select for your own unique contributions to the adaptation is referred to as the Adapter's License. As far as other works that were used in the adaptation, the adapter must adhere to the terms of those licensed works' original licenses.

The left hand column indicates the license of the original works used while the top row indicates the various adapter's licenses:

  • Where the column and row intersect to green, the license indicated on the top row can be used for the adapter's contributions to the adaptation.
  • Where the column and row intersect to yellow, use of the license on the top row is allowed but is not advised.
  • Dark gray boxes indicate licenses that cannot be used.


Adapter's License Chart By Creative Commons Licensed CC BY 4.0,

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