Creative Commons Licenses

Overview of Creative Commons licenses.

Considerations for License Selection

Choose carefully and consider that: 

  • Licenses are a legal agreement that cannot be changed.
  • Licenses apply until the copyright expires.
  • You must own the copyright to the work. 

Carefully consider these questions when selecting a license:

  • What are your reasons for sharing?
  • How do you want others to use your work?
  • Do you want to allow others to create adaptations?

Choosing Your License

Best Practices Attribution

TASL: Best practice attribution to receive credit for your work and to credit others:

T= Title

A=Author (provide link)

S=Source (provide link)

L=License (link to the CC license deed)

Each of these attributes is important in order to ensure that you always receive credit for your work.

Applying a License

Keep the user in mind:

  • Make the license clear and visible.
  • Make it easy for the user to understand.
  • Avoid contradictory terms.
  • Use the CC License Chooser to generate code for your website.

Attributions & License

Creative Commons License
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