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AET Library Printing Policy

Location of printer

  • The PrintSpot printer is located in the common area near the vending machines.  
    • It is a color printer, so if you want to print in black & white only, specify that option before sending the job to the printer. 
  • Only individuals registered for the current semester will have the ability to log in and release print jobs in the AET Library.
  • Please ask an AET Library Staff member if you need assistance.


  • Each student receives an allocation of 200 free pages at the beginning of each term.  For the latest on printing costs, click here.
  • Check out the Printing at UTSA Libraries page for more information about printing.
  • Additional pages may be added to your account using a UTSACard Value Station (at various locations around campus and beside the PrintSpot in the AET common area) or the UTSA Get Mobile app or website.


  • The PrintSmart printer is loaded with both letter (8.5x11) paper and tabloid (11x17) paper.


  • AET Library Staff can change toner, add paper, and check on print jobs that are taking a long time.
  • You can help by notifying the AET Library Front Desk of any problems that occur.

Steps you can take to avoid printing problems:

  • Use the "print preview" feature to view before printing.
  • Select pages to print, rather than printing "all."
  • When you are done printing, make sure you pick up only your job. Pick up print jobs as they are completed. Delaying pick up risks others taking your print job by mistake.

Note: UTSA is not responsible for printed jobs or pages within any jobs not intended by the patron. UTSA will issue credit only for unreadable pages printed when the toner is low, or when there is a paper jam. Please ask library staff for assistance.