AET Library

AET Library Services and Study Spaces

AET Library Policies

White Boards / Writable Wall

To encourage collaboration, the AET Library has been equipped with white boards in the group study rooms and a writable wall along the North end.  Please be aware that these white boards and walls will be cleaned daily and all information erased!  If you have information that you would like to retain for one extra day, please talk to a staff member at the AET Library Front Desk before leaving the Library.


Due to the design of and amount of space in the AET Library, there is not a designated quiet study area.  We ask that all users of the Library attempt to keep voices low and be respectful of others.  (See the AET Library Noise Policy for more information.)

Food and Drink

As in the other UTSA Libraries, drinks are allowed in the AET Library in covered containers.  Light snacks are also allowed, except for the areas around the computers, printer, and scanner.   (See the AET Library Food and Drink Policy for more information.)

Group Study Rooms

The three Group Study Rooms in the AET Library may be checked out for up to four hours on a first come, first served basis.  For complete guidelines on Group Study Room usage, see the AET Library Group Study Room Policy.