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AET Library Food and Drink Policy

We understand that students spend many hours at a time in the library and enjoy an occasional cup of coffee or light snack while studying. 

To promote a welcoming environment, the UTSA Libraries permit food and drink on the premises.  We simply ask you follow a few friendly guidelines to help us protect the University’s substantial investment in collections and technology.

  • Drinks are permitted in covered containers only.
  • Foods that are greasy, crumbly or require heavy use of napkins are discouraged.  Please do not plan to have pizza or other food delivered to the library!   Arrange to have food deliveries made to the first floor food court at John Peace Library or other location outside the library.
  • You are expected to clean up after yourself by putting containers/wrappers in the trash, and cleaning up any spills with paper towels available in the restrooms.
  • Food of any kind is not permitted around electronic equipment, including the library’s computers, printers and scanners.  Food and drink are also not allowed in the areas dedicated to Special Collections and Archives in both the John Peace Library and the HemisFair Campus.

Thank you for helping us keep the UTSA Libraries clean and comfortable!