AET Library

AET Library Services

Check back soon for information about our new AET location!!


Location:    AET 2.212

Hours:        8 a.m. - 10 p.m., M-F

Phone:       (210) 458-6256 

We are here to assist you with information requests:

  • Locating an article
  • Using library resources
  • Where to start when doing research
  • Citation management
  • Instruction sessions with any size group
  • Mastering database searching, and more

Please let us help you save time.

AET Group Study Rooms

We have 3 group study rooms available for reservations. Each room has two glass walls that you can write on.

  • 2 rooms -  up to 6 people and have a 42" LCD monitor with VGA cables and a large whiteboard.
  • 1 room - up to 4 people and has a large whiteboard.