WRC 1013/1023 Freshman Composition: Exploring Critical Issues

Sources for WRC 1013: Christina Frasier, Darren Meritz & Pamela Mahan

Introduction: Language and Power

Language reveals many things about who we are, whether it is the way we carefully craft words to express our thoughts, or if our manner of speaking reflects our cultural roots. Many people learn to adjust their language between how they write and how they speak, or they learn to alter their manner of speaking for different audiences. Language can be used to wield power through establishing a dominant discourse, or privileging one way of speaking over another. How do you adapt your language to different audiences? Does your writing reflect a different style than your spoken language? The sources in this section reflect the way language has been used in various parts of America, such as Appalachia and the Texas/Mexico border, to impress people and to assert power. Make sure to click on the “Books” tab to view all resources in this section.

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Language & Power