WRC 1013/1023: Freshman Composition: Exploring Critical Issues

Sources for WRC 1013: Christina Frasier, Darren Meritz & Pamela Mahan

Introduction: Censorship and Democracy

The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees Americans the right to free speech, but the methods in which we speak have expanded greatly since the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution. Rather than printed pamphlets passed by hand and news spread by word of mouth, our views and opinions can spread around the globe in a matter of minutes through the internet, whether we are tweeting an opinion, blogging, or commenting in an online forum. Issues such as cyberbullying and online posting of hate speech have arisen, and there have been occasions on which the extent of our freedom of speech has been questioned.

Are there limits to free speech? What are they, and how are they determined? The sources in this section provide some views on various issues from cyberbullying to hate speech to peaceful demonstrations.

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Censorship & Democracy