WRC 1013/1023 Freshman Composition: Exploring Critical Issues

Sources for WRC 1013: Christina Frasier, Darren Meritz & Pamela Mahan

Food and Food Issues

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Food Issues: Development of an Issue

This section is a little different from the others in that its focus is not necessarily on timely articles; rather, it shows the changes over time in national conversations about a subject in which most of us are interested--food. While food has always had a political dimension (eg, free school lunches, the cyclical Farm Bill), it became a popular topic with the release of the documentary Super Size Me in 2004. Consider how the different approaches to the subject has changed. For example, Greg Critser's approach is very different from Gary Taubes's. Whose do you prefer? How does Schlosser's approach differ from Moss's? The articles in this box are presented in date order, from Critser's 2000 article to the 2017 article about food swamps and food deserts.

Restaurants and Restaurant Culture