WRC 1013/1023: Freshman Composition: Exploring Critical Issues

Sources for WRC 1013: Christina Frasier, Darren Meritz & Pamela Mahan

Introduction: Sleep

We all know that we need sleep. However, the ability to get adequate sleep on a regular basis is difficult, and the effects of sleep deprivation can extend much longer than we realize. In this section, a variety of source types are presented (research studies, internet articles, a blog post, a newspaper article) in order to present a wide range of writing styles and approaches to addressing the issue of sleep.

"Sleep and Quantitative Literacy" shows how survey data is used in research on sleep. Most articles in the "Sleep and Academic Success" box relate specifically to college students. The section on "Sleep and Technology" contains two sources that specifically explore the effects of smartphone use on sleep and/or mental health.

Sleep and Quantitative Literacy

Sleep and Mental Health

Sleep and Academic Success

How do different types of sources address research on sleep? What are the limitations of studies on sleep?

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Sleep and Quantitative Literacy

Recent research research suggests a correlation between sleep and college students' academic success. This section contains a group of resources that demonstrate how data is gathered, analyzed, and used. Jane Brody's article "An Underappreciated Key to Academic Success: Sleep," quotes extensively from an interview with sleep expert J. Roxanne Prichard. Brody also uses data from Prichard's research (Hartmann and Prichard) in her article. Hartmann and Prichard used two sets of data from the American College Health Association's National College Health Assessment to form the basis of their research.

Does Brody fairly and accurately summarize and utilize Hartmann and Prichard's data? What limitations do Hartmann and Prichard identify with the survey data? Hartmann and Prichard largely relied on the 2009 survey. How does the age of this data affect your interpretation of Brody's news article? How might the data have changed?

Sleep and Academic Success

Sleep and Technology