WRC 1013/1023: Freshman Composition: Exploring Critical Issues

Sources for WRC 1013: Christina Frasier, Darren Meritz & Pamela Mahan


How has technology shaped the way we work, and how do those changes affect the economy? The employment landscape today is much different than that of your parents and grandparents. While technology has steadily changed the way we work over decades, the Great Recession of 2007-2009 accelerated the need for change as industries moved towards technology that would streamline processes and reduce the number of employees required. As the economy suffered, employers found ways to reduce costs, many by adopting new technologies that required fewer employees. Sources in this section explore the way technology influences the economy through topics such as increased demand for a technologically savvy workforce and streamlined work processes that reduce the need for human workers.

Note: The final articles in this section were sourced from a special issue in of Foreign Policy magazine.

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Technology & the Workforce