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Thesis & Dissertation Writing Support at UTSA

Preliminary Draft Review

Thesis and Dissertation Reviews

UTSA Libraries is pleased to partner with the Graduate School to provide graduate students with draft reviews of their theses and dissertations to help prepare them for successful submission to ProQuest and Runner Research Press.

Before submitting your thesis or dissertation for review, please consult the Graduate School's guidelines concerning formatting and deadlines.

Graduate School Preliminary Draft Review Guidelines

You have two options for the preliminary draft review:

During the Zoom appointment, the staff member will:

  • Review your document's formatting and inform you of any revisions needed to meet the Graduate School's template standards
  • Provide a brief overview of the final submission process to ProQuest
  • Answer any general questions you have about the formatting and submission process

If you have any questions about the preliminary review process, UTSA Libraries Thesis and Dissertation Review Team is here to help.

Please keep in mind that the Graduate School is always available to answer any questions on the thesis and dissertation submission process.

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