Secondary Marketing Research Certificate

Find tips and links to resources for exploring.

Market Research Databases

  • What is the title and the date of the report on food trucks  in Mintel?
  • Can you find insights about a food truck consumer? Name three aspects, e.g. by Income, by …
  • Find the Innovations section of the report.  Is there a technology section?
  •  How does Mintel get its data?  (Go to About > Methodology)
  • What is the geography for this report (is it global, U.S., Texas, etc.?)
  • Search for food trucks or mobile food. What may be relevant to your research?
  • Do a keyword search for food trucks.  What is the title of the relevant report for the U.S.? When was it published?  Add to your list of terminology.
  • In the report, find the market size for street stalls/kiosks.
  • Go to the top menu > Consumers > Consumer Trends and Lifestyles and find a Consumer Lifestyle report for the U.S. Can you find data on eating habits?
  • For which geographies are lifestyle reports available?  Can you find a report for Texas?
  • Search for food truck. Find a report “Share of diners who visited a food truck in the last 3 months in the U.S. 2012-2014.”  What is the source of information?  How big is the sample?