Secondary Marketing Research Certificate

Find tips and links to resources for exploring.

Researching Industry

Industry classifications help find relevant economic and business data collected by the government; business information vendors use industry classifications to organize their data and make their products searchable.

  • What are the two main industry classification systems in the U.S.?
  • Are they the only industry classification systems?
  • What is the NAICS code for food trucks?
  • What are the food trucks called in “census” terms?
  • What is an establishment?
  • What is an enterprise?
  • Is there a designated government agency that assigns NAICS codes to businesses?
  • What is “primary business activity”?
  • Can a business have more than one NAICS code?
  • How many digits are in a NAICS code?
  • What are NAICS-based codes?

UTSA Databases for Industries

Since private companies don’t have to disclose their financials, one way to analyze them is to look at the industry benchmarks. BizMiner provides aggregated, anonymized industry data including data from small private companies. It does not include information about individual companies.

If your keyword search doesn't yield results, you can search BizMiner using NAICS > All Industry Search Tools orange button > select a sector where you may find food trucks.

  • What types of reports are available?  Name the titles.
  •  Can you create an industry financial report for mobile food services for San Antonio?
  • Create a 5-year Industry financial report for Texas in Sales Class $500,000-999,999 million? How many firms are analyzed in 2020?
  • Locate the data for 2020 on:
    • business revenue
    • gross margin
    • operating expenses
    • discretionary owner earnings
  • Can you locate profit and loss profiles for sole proprietors in mobile food services?  What is the annual gross profit % in 2014?
  • Review the data sources and methodology of BizMiner (Resources on  the top bar  >  Data, Methodology).  What are the sources of data?
  • Can you find information about an individual company in BizMiner?
  • What is the report title for food trucks in IBISWorld?
  • When was it published?
  • What are the key economic drivers in the food truck industry?
  • What are the operating conditions?
  • What is the level of regulation?
  • Name two trade associations for food trucks.
  • Name two trade journals/industry portals for food trucks.

Government Regulation

  • Find regulations applicable to food trucks.

Local Regulation

  • Use a Google operator site to limit to the local government info:
    • food truck
  • What are the terms used in the City of San Antonio documents to discuss food trucks?
  •  What are the San Antonio requirements for food truck operations?