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U.S., Texas, & State Census & Schedules

A Census Population Schedule lists the information collected by the Census about individuals, such as name, occupation, age, children, etc. These are released 72 years after each Census.  

Census Population Schedule

Texas Population Schedules on Microfilm (JPL 4th Floor)

15th Census Population, 1930. Texas
HA651.5 1930 (Library has: Reel 2287 - Reel 2413)

14th Census of Population, 1920. Texas  
HA651.5 1920 (Library has: Reel 1772 - Reel 1860) (89 reels)

13th Census, 1910. Texas  
"There have been problems with the clarity of some of the 1910 census films; but since the original schedules were destroyed after microfilming, no better copy can be obtained"
HA651.5 1910 (Library has: Reel 1527 - Reel 1601)
Also available online through Internet Archive 

12th Census of Population, 1900. Texas  
HA651.5 1900 (Library has: Reel 1607 - Reel 1681)

11th Census. 1890. Texas. Schedules Enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War.  
HA651.5 1890 

10th Census, 1880. Texas  
HA651.5 1880 (Library has: Reel 1288 - Reel 1334)

9th Census. 1870. Texas  
HA651.5 1870 (Library has: Reel 1573 - Reel 1609)

8th Census. 1860. Texas  Population Schedules of the Eighth Census of the United States, 1860 ... Texas
HA651.5 1860 (Library has: Reel 1287 - Reel 1312)  Includes Slave Schedules.

7th Census. 1860. Texas  Population Schedules of the Seventh Census of the United States,1850 ... Texas
HA651.5 1850  (Library has: Reel 908 - Reel 918.)  Includes Slave Schedules.  
Finding Aid: Texas 1850 census index : A-Z / by Heritage Quest
Location: JPL Stacks HA651.5 1850 Index

Texas Census - Before Statehood

Translations of Statistical and Census Reports of Texas, 1782-1836, and Sources Documenting the Black in Texas, 1603-1803 
F385 .T735 1979 (1782 – 1835) (3 reels)
Reel Contents: 1. Statistical reports of Texas, 1783-1820, and census reports of Texas, 1782-1806.  2. Census reports of Texas, 1807-1834.  3. Census reports of Texas, 1835, and general manuscript series, 1603-1803. 

The First Census of Texas, 1829-1836 : To Which are Added, Texas citizenship lists, 1821-1845, and Other Early Records of the Republic of Texas   
JPL 4th Floor Special Collections, John Peace Collection
F385 .M95 1959 

Residents of Texas, 1782-1836. 
JPL 4th Floor Special Collections, SRT O'Connor Collection
F385 .R47 1984 (Vol 1 & 2)
ITC Library, Restricted Use
F385 .R47 1984 (Vol 1 & 2 & 3)

Republic of Texas: Poll Lists for 1846 / compiled by Marion Day Mullins  
Located: ITC Library F385 .M84 1974 
Arranged alphabetically, this work lists the names and counties of residence of approximately 18,000 Texas taxpayers. (A "poll" tax of one dollar was levied on every white male resident over the age of twenty-one and on women who were heads of household.)

1840 Census of the Republic of Texas 
JPL 3rd Floor, ITC, and Rare Books at JPL F390 .W59 1966 
Not an actual census but a reproduction of the tax assessment rolls of 26 of the 32 counties existing in Texas in 1840. Also see the later 1840 Citizens of Texas which is available in the Texana collection at the San Antonio Public Library.

1830 Citizens of Texas
Rare Books at JPL F385 .W44 1983 
Also available online (EBSCO)
Reproduces major public lists of people living in Texas in 1830 taken from General Land Office files and other sources such as the 1830 Census of San Antonio and Nacogdoches.

Spanish Province of Texas and the Mexican State of Coahulia y Texas, up to 1836

Population Schedules on Microfilm (JPL 4th Floor)

Census of the United States (1900). Population. Idaho
HA331.5 1900 (Library has: Reel 234)
Population Schedules of the 12th Census of the U.S. 

Census of the United States (1900). Population. Indian Territory
HA585 .N38 no.T623 (Library has: Reel 1843 - Reel 1854)
Population Schedules of the 12th Census of the U.S. 

Census of the United States (1900). Population. Indian Territory. Indian Territory, 1900 Census Soundex
HA351.5 1900 (Library has: Reel 1 - Reel 42)
Population Schedules of the 12th Census of the U.S. 

Census of the United States (1900). Population. Montana
HA481.5 1900 (Library has: Reel 910)
Population Schedules of the 12th Census of the U.S. 

Census of the United States (1900). Population. Oklahoma
HA581.5 1900 (Library has: Reel 1344)
Population Schedules of the 12th Census of the U.S. 

Census Schedules in the Custody of the Nebraska State Historical Society
HA495 .N38 no.T1128 (Library has: Reel 2 - Reel 3,  Reel 14 - Reel 15) 

Population Schedules of the Ninth Census of the United States, 1870
HA214 .N38 no.M593 (Library has: Reel 1 - Reel 101,  Reel 829 - Reel 830)

Eighth Census of the United States for the Northern District of Halifax County, Virginia, 1860
HA685 .N38 no.M1808
Population Schedules of the 8th Census of the U.S. 

Eighth Decennial Census, 1860, Washington Territory
HA695 .C46
Population Schedules of the 8th Census of the U.S.

Illinois Special Census Schedules, 1850-1880
HA345.I45 no. V123 (Number of Items: 53)

Louisiana, 7th census, 1850; 8th census, 1860; 9th Census, 1870, Social Statistics
HA405 .N38 no.T1136 (Library has: Reel 1 - Reel 15)

Michigan State Census
HA441 .M53 (Library has: Reel 10,  Reel 12,  Reel 14,  Reel 16,  Reel 18,  Reel 21 - Reel 22,  Reel 26,  Reel 28,  Reel 30,  Reel 35,  Reel 38,  Reel 43,  Reel 45)

Original schedules Returned by Census Enumerators for Montana Territory, 1870, 1880
HA485 .O74 1960

Population Schedules of the Eighth Census of the United States, 1860, Arkansas
HA255 .N38 no.M653 (Library has: Reel 52,  Reel 54)

The Supervisors District, Plan of Division into Enumeration Districts
HA214 .N38 no.T1210 (Library has: Reel 1,  Reel 6)

10th Census, 1880 Dakota
HA631.5 1880 (Library has: Reel 115)

12th Census of Population, 1900 Arizona
HA241.5 1900 (Library has: Reel 46,  Reel 48)

12th Census of Population, 1900, North Dakota
HA561.5 1900 (Library has: Reel 1234)

12th Census of Population, 1900, South Dakota
HA631.5 1900 (Library has: Reel 1555 - Reel 1556)

State Censuses: Microfiche Collection of Censuses of Population Taken After the Year 1790 by States and Territories of the United States. 
Millwood, NY: KTO Microfilm. 680 fiche. 
Microfiche Cabinets (4th Floor - JPL) HA 37 . U7 S7
This collection reprints historic published state censuses.  Collection is based on Catalog of United States Census Publications, 1790-1945, prepared by Henry J. Dubester (commonly cited as "Dubester") (Z7554 .U5U62 1971) . This collection is arranged by state, then chronologically. 
State Census Guide (.doc)

State Censuses: Eastern States
HA 37 . U7 S7 Eastern

State Censuses: Western States
HA 37 . U7 S7 Western

State Censuses: Midwestern States
HA 37 . U7 S7 Midwestern

State Censuses: Southern States
HA 37 . U7 S7 Southern

Population of States and Counties of the United States: 1790 to 1990 : From the Twenty-one Decennial Censuses / compiled and edited by Richard L. Forstall.
Free Online: Google Books
Print: JPL 4th Floor Government Docs  C 3.2:P 81/26

Assessment and Census Rolls, Washington Territory, 1857 and 1860  
HA695 .A87 

United States Census of Delaware. Deaths, 1850-1880
HA295 .U55 (Library has: Reel 11-1, Reel 11-3)

Pennsylvania, Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880
HA605 .N38 no.T956 (Library has: Reel 14 - Reel 26)

Mississippi Mortality Schedules: Census Records, 1850-1880
HA465 .M57 (Library has: Reel 1 - Reel 3)

Nonpopulation census schedules for Kansas, 1850-1880
HA385 .N38 no.T1130 (Library has: Reel 1, Reel 5, Reel 42 - Reel 44)  Record Group 029

Nonpopulation Census Schedules for Minnesota, 1860, Agriculture
HA455 .N38 no.M1802   Record Group (RG) 29

Nonpopulation Census Schedules for Texas, 1850-1880  
 HA655 .N38 no.T1134 (Library has: Reel 2 - Reel 46, Reel 49 - Reel 60)  Record Group 29.

Nonpopulation Census Schedules for Utah Territory and Vermont, 1870, Mortality
HA214 .N38 no.M1807 (1 reel)

Nonpopulation Census Schedules for the District of Columbia, 1850-1870
HA325 .N38 no.M1793
Agriculture, industry, mortality, and social statistics; and, Nonpopulation census schedules for Worcester County, Maryland : agriculture

Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-80, and Related Indexes in the Custody of the Daughters of the American Revolution  
HA214 .N38 no.T655 (Library has: Reel 1 - Reel 25)

Federal Nonpopulation Census Schedules for Iowa
HA371 .N38 no.T1156 (Library has: Reel 54 - Reel 62)
Original Manuscript Census Forms Used to Compile the Federal Census.  Record Group 29.

Federal Nonpopulation Census Schedules for Massachusetts, 1850-1880
HA435 .N38 no.T1204 (Library has: Reel 9 - Reel 10, Reel 17 - Reel 20, Reel 22 - Reel 23, Reel 37 - Reel 40) Record Group 29.

Federal Nonpopulation Census Schedules, Michigan, 1850-1880  
 HA445 .N38 no.T1164 (Library has: Reel 1, Reel 15, Reel 26 - Reel 27, Reel 74 - Reel 77)

Federal Non-Population Census Schedules, Ohio, 1850-1880  
HA575 .N38 no.T1159 (Library has: Reel 14 - Reel 15, Reel 29 - Reel 30, Reel 102 - Reel 104) Record Group 29.

Agricultural and Manufacturing Census Records of Fifteen Southern States for the Years 1850, 1870, and 1880 [Maryland]
HA425 .U55 (Library has: Reel 1 - Reel 9)

Seventh-Tenth (7th – 10th) United States Census schedules, 1850-1880 : Tennessee  
HA645 .N38 no.T1135 (Library has: Reel 1 - Reel 30, Reel 32 - Reel 34)

Seventh-Tenth (7th – 10th) United States Census Schedules, 1850-1880 : Virginia  
 HA685 .N38 no.T1132 (Library has: Reel 1 - Reel 34)


Executive Branch Documents on Microfiche

Note: These are Executive Documents and thus not indexed in ProQuest Congressional but are in Library QuickSearch

The U.S. Executive Branch Documents collection on microfiche (1789-1909 and 1910-1932) is material issued by federal executive departments and agencies, including reports, bulletins, serials, speeches, rules & decisions, memorandums, etc. and not included in the Serial Set.  
Microfiche Location:  4th Floor John Peace Library, Government Documents Room

To search, include "executive branch documents" as one of your search terms.  
Example: in Library QuickSearch type:
>   "executive branch documents" and "indian reservations"

To find microfiche you must know: 

>   Collection Name (U.S. Executive Branch Documents)
>   Collection Year range: (either 1789-1909 or 1910-1932) (two separate collections)
>   Call Number: example: SI 1-76-6

JPL 4th Floor Microforms J83 .C5

There is also an excellent print index shelved with the microfiche collection J83 .C51

Parts to Executive Branch Documents


pt. 1. Department of Commerce and Labor ; Department of Treasury --

pt. 2. War Department --

pt. 3. Interior Department ; Interstate Commerce Commission ; Justice Department ; Labor Department ; Library of Congress --

 pt. 4. Agriculture Department ; American Republics Bureau ; Civil Service ; District of Columbia ; Fish Commission ; Freedman's Savings & Trust Co. ; Geographic Board ; Government Printing Office ; General Supply Committee --

pt. 5. Navy Department --

pt. 6. National Academy of Sciences ; National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers ; Post Office Department ; President of the U.S. ; State Department ; Smithsonian Institution



pt. 1. Smithsonian Institution. Treasury Department. Tariff Commission; Veterans Admin.; Veterans Bureau; Vocational Ed. –

pt. 2. Commerce Department –

pt. 3. War Department; War Trade Board  --

 pt. 4. Interior Dept., Interstate Commercial Commission, Justice Dept., Labor Dept.  –

pt.5. Agriculture Department –

pt.6. Library of Congress. Mediation Board. Mediation and Conciliation Board. Navy Department. National Academy of Sciences. National Capital Park and Planning Commission. National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers –

 pt.7. Civil Service Commission. District of Columbia. Efficiency Bureau. Employee's Compensation Commission. Fine Arts Commission. Federal Farm Board. Federal Power Commission. Federal Reserve System. Federal Trade Commission. General Accounting Office. Geographic Board. Government Printing Office. Post Office Department. Pan American Union. Pan American Sanitary Bureau. Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital. Personnel Classification Board. President of U.S. Reserve Bank Organization Committee. Federal Radio Commission. Railroad Labor Board. State Department. Shipping Board. Philippine Government, War Department and other agencies.

Statistical Insight