Microforms Research

Research and primary documents collections on microfilm and microfiche at the UTSA Libraries

Microfilm & Microfiche Collections

Listed here are most of the major microfilm and microfiche collections at the UTSA Libraries.  This list is not necessarily complete.  Check UTSA Library Quick Search Catalog, for information on a specific collection or for complete holdings.  Some collections have individual holdings in our Catalog.  Other collections rely on print or online finding aids.  Occasionally the title lists are at the beginning of the reels. 

What is Microfilm?

Printed material that has been photographed and reduced to a film format to help preserve the material and decrease the space needed for storage. The UTSA Libraries has special equipment needed to view and print the stored information. Typical formats include microfilm and microfiche. 

A reel of film containing reduced images of pages in a book, journal, newspaper or other printed material. Reels are readable on special microfilm readers located at both the JPL (2nd Floor) and Downtown Campus. 

A flat, plastic sheet containing microimages of pages in a book, journal, newspaper or other printed material and read using a special machine.  Microfiche readers are located at both the JPL (2nd Floor) and Downtown Campus.

Ask staff at the Front Desk for help in locating and using microfilm and microfiche. 

Using Microform at UTSA Libraries

Microform Reader Locations

  • John Peace Library: New location: A microform reader with scanning and printing capabilities is located on the 2nd floor under the stairwell.
  • Downtown Library: A microform reader with scanning and printing capabilities is located near the quiet study area.

Using Microforms and Readers

  • While microfilm and microfiche cannot leave the library they may be viewed, scanned, and emailed at the microform reader.
  • Desk staff can assist in retrieving materials, using the microform readers, and printing.

Microform Readers

microfilm reader screen

The UTSA Libraries has microform readers at both the Main (JPL) and Downtown Campus Libraries. 

Guest users need to use the generic login to use the reader. It is printed on the instructions by the microfilm machine,

The John  Peace Library at the Main Campus has a ST View Scan III from STimaging located on the 2nd Floor.  More details from STimaging.  Quick instructions available next to the scanner.

Downtown Library has Scan Pro 2000 microform reader/scanner which handles both microfilm and microfiche.  The units include a fast, high resolution optical zoom lens.  The unit can magnify and scan in various formats including PDF, JPEG and TIFF.  

Send your print jobs to Print Smart (current UTSA students, faculty and staff only), download to a flash drive, or email the images.  Microfilm reader


Requesting microfilm / fiche: The microform reader/printer is in the JPL North Commons 2nd Floor.  UTSA patrons can log on with their abc123. Log-in information for Guest users available from the Front Desk. If guests want to use microfilm from our collection, they should go to the Front Desk to request it.

UTSA patrons can also request microfilm through Get It For Me. UTSA faculty, staff and students can request a specific journal or newspapers article through Get It For Me and library staff will scan it for you. 

Additional Sources of Microfilm / Microfiche