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Foreign Broadcast Information Service Reports

Print Indexes (location: JPL 3rd Floor Stacks):

Daily Report: Soviet Union DK1 .D33   (1980-1992)

Daily Report: People’s Republic of China   DS701 .U572a  (1980-1982)

Daily Report:  China   DS701 .U572a   (1982-1996)

Daily Report: Central Eurasia  DK1 .D33  (1992)

 Microfiche (JPL 4th Floor Current Periodicals Room):

Daily Report: West Europe   PREX 7.10: FBIS-WEU-  (1987-1996)

Daily report. Near East & South Asia  PREX 7.10: FBIS-NES-  (1987-1996)

Daily report. East Europe   PREX 7.10: FBIS-EEU-  (1987-1996)

Daily report. Central Eurasia  PREX 7.10: FBIS-SOV-  (1992-1993)

Daily report. Latin America  PREX 7.10: FBIS-LAT-  (1978-1987)

Daily report. East Asia  PREX 7.10: FBIS-EAS-  (1987-1996)

Daily report. China   PREX 7.10: FBIS-CHI-  (1981-1996)

Daily report. Western Europe  PrEx 7.10: FBIS-WEU-  (1978-1987)

Daily report. South Asia   PrEx 7.10: FBIS-SAS-   (1980-1987)

Daily report. Eastern Europe  PREX 7.10: FBIS-EEU-  (1978-1987)

Daily report. People's Republic of China  PREX 7.10: FBIS-CHI-  (1978-1981)

Daily report. Soviet Union  PrEx 7.10: FBIS-SOV-  (1978-1992)

Daily report. Middle East & North Africa  PrEx 7.10: FBIS-MEA-  (1978-1980)

Daily report. Sub-Saharan Africa   PREX 7.10: FBIS-AFR-  (1988-?)

Daily report. Middle East & Africa  PrEx 7.10: FBIS-MEA-  (1980-1987)

Daily report. Africa (Sub-Sahara)  PrEx 7.10: FBIS-AFR-  (1987-1988)

Daily report. Sub-Saharan Africa  PREX 7.10: FBIS-SSA-  (1978-1980)