Executive Agencies and the Office of the President

Info on Office of the President and Executive Agencies, including Biographies, Treaties and Executive Orders

Executive Orders & Presidential Proclamations

Executive Orders are binding, unilateral proclamations used by a President to exercise authority. Presidential proclamations are more ceremonial in nature, such as declaring National Safe Boating Week.

Older Executive Orders & Proclamations

Unnumbered Executive Orders and Proclamations

Vol. 1 :  Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison
Vol. 2 :  Monroe, Adams, Jackson
Vol. 3 :  Jackson, Van Buren, 
Vol. 4 :  Harrison, Tyler, Polk
Vol. 5 :  Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan
Vol. 6 :  Lincoln, Johnson
Vol. 7 :  Grant, Hayes
Vol. 8 :  Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland
Vol. 9 :  Harrison, Cleveland
Vol. 10 : Appendex and Index

                          Also in print: JPL 3rd Floor J81 B96 (10 volumes)

History of Executive Orders