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Executive Branch Documents on Microfiche

Note: These are Executive Documents and thus not indexed in ProQuest Congressional but are in Library QuickSearch

The U.S. Executive Branch Documents collection on microfiche (1789-1909 and 1910-1932) is material issued by federal executive departments and agencies, including reports, bulletins, serials, speeches, rules & decisions, memorandums, etc. and not included in the Serial Set.  
Microfiche Location:  4th Floor John Peace Library, Government Documents Room

To search, include "executive branch documents" as one of your search terms.  
Example: in Library QuickSearch type:
>   "executive branch documents" and "indian reservations"

To find microfiche you must know: 

>   Collection Name (U.S. Executive Branch Documents)
>   Collection Year range: (either 1789-1909 or 1910-1932) (two separate collections)
>   Call Number: example: SI 1-76-6

JPL 4th Floor Microforms J83 .C5

There is also an excellent print index shelved with the microfiche collection J83 .C51

Parts to Executive Branch Documents


pt. 1. Department of Commerce and Labor ; Department of Treasury --

pt. 2. War Department --

pt. 3. Interior Department ; Interstate Commerce Commission ; Justice Department ; Labor Department ; Library of Congress --

 pt. 4. Agriculture Department ; American Republics Bureau ; Civil Service ; District of Columbia ; Fish Commission ; Freedman's Savings & Trust Co. ; Geographic Board ; Government Printing Office ; General Supply Committee --

pt. 5. Navy Department --

pt. 6. National Academy of Sciences ; National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers ; Post Office Department ; President of the U.S. ; State Department ; Smithsonian Institution



pt. 1. Smithsonian Institution. Treasury Department. Tariff Commission; Veterans Admin.; Veterans Bureau; Vocational Ed. –

pt. 2. Commerce Department –

pt. 3. War Department; War Trade Board  --

 pt. 4. Interior Dept., Interstate Commercial Commission, Justice Dept., Labor Dept.  –

pt.5. Agriculture Department –

pt.6. Library of Congress. Mediation Board. Mediation and Conciliation Board. Navy Department. National Academy of Sciences. National Capital Park and Planning Commission. National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers –

 pt.7. Civil Service Commission. District of Columbia. Efficiency Bureau. Employee's Compensation Commission. Fine Arts Commission. Federal Farm Board. Federal Power Commission. Federal Reserve System. Federal Trade Commission. General Accounting Office. Geographic Board. Government Printing Office. Post Office Department. Pan American Union. Pan American Sanitary Bureau. Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital. Personnel Classification Board. President of U.S. Reserve Bank Organization Committee. Federal Radio Commission. Railroad Labor Board. State Department. Shipping Board. Philippine Government, War Department and other agencies.

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