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U.S. Census Bureau Demographic Information

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The U.S. Census takes place every 10 years and counts all population.  The latest Census was in 2010. The data is aggregated and released. 2010 Census asked only 10 questions:

  • Type of residence
  • Number of people in the household 
  • Sex 
  • Date of birth
  • Hispanic origin
  • Race 

In addition, since 2005 the U.S. Census Bureau conducts an ongoing annual American Community Survey.  It is based on a random selection of 3 million addresses every year, or about 250,000 addresses per month.  ACS replaced the so-called long form of the Census. Data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau are aggregated, and individuals’ confidentiality is protected by law. To better understand the kinds of data available, review the subject areas in the American Community Survey: