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Streaming Media

Find UTSA-licensed, free and fee-based streaming media you can use in the classroom.

Using Streaming Media in a Course

UTSA Libraries encourages faculty to use streaming media in their courses. Because media such as films can be removed from databases by distributors at any time, we recommend faculty submit an online course reserve request for any media they plan to use in a course. This will help UTSA Libraries verify access to the content before you need to use it.

When you submit your request, you can also ask us to link the item to your course's Blackboard page.

Key Databases: UTSA Streaming Video Collections

Any film from these databases may be shown in class or linked in Blackboard. In most cases, you can create custom playlists and copy a link or embed code into Blackboard to stream video. Available to UTSA faculty, students and staff.

BiblioTech Digital Library

BiblioTech: Bexar County Digital Library



Free online content is available for Bexar County residents from the Bibliotech Digital Library. If you are a UTSA student, faculty, or staff member you qualify. Sign up for a free Bibliotech Digital Library account online. 


Instructions for UTSA Students, Faculty, and Staff


  • Register using your home address if you live in Bexar County.
  • Register using UTSA's address if you live outside Bexar County but attend school or work here.
  • Save your Bibliotech Digital Library account number. You'll need it to access all available content and apps.
  • Access content by going to: Start Here > Bibliotech Collections or go to the BiblioTech App Store.
  • Important: Be aware that each app or content collection in BiblioTech requires its own unique registration for a login and password. For example, in order to access "The Great Courses" which are in RB Digital, first register for a BiblioTech account, then register for an RB Digital account as prompted the first time you access "The Great Courses."