Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines at UTSA

Copyright in Online UTSA Courses

UTSA has added the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) annual license to the web of rights used to manage copyright infringement risk. This license permits UTSA to use certain text-based materials, such as single book chapters and journal articles, in online courses. Ask your librarian for details.

Additional information about streaming video and streaming audio is available in the Streaming Media research guide.

Learn more about scanning print materials for your classes through the UTSA Libraries E-Reserve service.

Public Domain Works

Public domain refers to creative works that are not protected by any type of intellectual property law, including copyright. These could be works whose copyright has expired or that never had copyright protection to begin with.

Learn more about how to find and incorporate public domain items into your teaching with our Public Domain research guide.

FAQs: Copyrighted Materials in the Classroom

Can I ...

Distribute printed HANDOUTS to my students in the classroom?

Yes. Through the additional rights the university licenses, you can distribute single book chapters and journal articles in your classroom. Ask your librarian for details.

Guidelines for using printed sheet music in the classroom are detailed in Copyright Circular 21, pages 7-8.

Show a FILM or TV PROGRAM in the classroom?

Yes. Under Section 110(1) of copyright law, you can show a film that you or the library purchased in your classroom.

Show a FILM outside of class on campus?

Yes, if it is in person and for teaching purposes. The professor must be present, and class discussion must follow.

Yes, for training purposes, if the university obtains public performance rights (PPR).

For non-UTSA audiences on campus, if the university obtains screening rights and no admission is charged.

Include copyrighted IMAGES in lecture slides I display in the classroom?



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