Staff Professional Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this mandatory?

Participation is highly encouraged.

Will this have an impact on my performance review?

The professional development process is separate from your annual performance review. 

What if I want to have a professional development plan, but my supervisor doesn’t initiate the conversation?

You don't have to wait for your supervisor to initiate the conversation. This process is designed to be highly flexible to individual work situations and in most cases your supervisor will be supportive of your professional development. If you or your supervisor need assistance getting started, see Marcela for tips on initiating your plan. 

If my supervisor asks me to create a professional development plan, can I say no?

Yes, you can say no. However, there are some things to think about. Professional development is an investment in yourself and learning new skills helps you be a more flexible employee in an ever changing workplace. Are you really saying no to professional development or are there other factors/reasons and have that conversation with your supervisor. What are the obstacles? Use the form to document and revisit this at next meeting.