CHE 4971: Proseminar (Oerther)

Libguide for CHE 4971 - Proseminar with Prof. Oerther

Accessing ScienceDirect

NOTE: To find the Impact Factor of journals in ScienceDirect, from your results page, click on the title of the article you are interested in to open the full record.  Look for the journal name (above the title of the article), which should be a link.  Then look for the About this Journal link.

ScienceDirect Search Tips

  • Click on Advanced Search so that you have more search options, such as searching by Author, specifying Dates, and choosing the Source to search.
  • Click on Search Tips to bring up a Help window that includes a video tutorial.
  • To search for a phrase, enclose the words in quotation marks.  (For example, a search for "electrochemical biosensors" if you want results with that specific phrase.  Searching for electrochemical biosensors will give results that have both words in the fields searched, but not necessarily together.
  • In most cases, no special characters are needed to search for plurals and possessives.  (For example, a search for biosensor will also return results with the terms biosensors and biosensor's in them.)
  • To search for variations of a root word, you can use * as a wildcard character. (For example, using biosens* as your search term will return results including terms such as biosensor, biosensory and biosensing.)