Managing Author Profiles Online

Overview of ORCiD, Web of Science Researcher | Publons, Scopus Author profile, and Google Scholar Citations.

Author Identity in Web of Science

Clarivate continues their work on improving author identification and disambiguation in their products including Web of Science (WoS) and InCites.

Publons is a Clarivate's platform for managing author identity utilizing the original ResearcherID as a unique ID. In addition to ResearcherID and Publons, Clarivate recently introduced algorithmically generated author profiles in Web of Science search. To ensure correct attribution of your work in WoS, make sure to claim this algorithmic profile and link it to your Publons profile.

Benefits of a Claimed Author Record | Publons

  • You may obtain citation counts, h-index, data on journals' impact factors, and citation metrics reports.
  • Add variants of your name.
  • Link your Publons with ORCID and authorize exchange of data.
  • Import verified bibliographic data from WoS to Digital Measures.
  • Keep track of your peer reviewer and editor activities in journals indexed by WoS.

All Clarivate products such as WoS, Publons, EndNote, InCites and others share the same login credentials.

NOTE: Depending on how common your name is and other quirks in WoS, the process of claiming your author record may become confusing. Don't hesitate to reach out to Natasha Arguello or Emily Johnson for help!

Claim Your Web of Science Author Record

  • Go to Web of Science home page  and register or login in the top right corner 
  • Select Researchers tab in the search box. Type in the name.  Add name variants if applicable.

Web of Science author search

  • Selecta a relevant entry or, if applicable, multiple entries and view as combined record: 

Select multiple records

  • Review your author record and remove incorrectly attributed publications.  Organizations and years of affiliation are based on the dates when the articles were published.
  • Click on the purple Claim My Record button.
  • On the next page, register for Publons or login with your Web of Science credentials.

Edit and claim your author record

Publons Profile

IMPORTANT CHANGE:  in April 2022, Publons will be moved into Web of Science, and the process will be updated.

In the meanwhile, authorize exchange of data between Publons and ORCID:

  • Click on Account icon with your initials in the top right > Private Dashboard.
  • On the left menu, scroll down to Settings > Permissions
  • Click on all applicable boxes to authorize ORCID and other options and Save. If everything worked correctly, you will see your ORCID displayed as part of the text.

Publons permissions