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Managing Author Profiles Online

Overview of ORCID, ReseacherID, Scopus Author ID, and My Google Scholar Citations.


  ResearcherID is fully integrated with the Thomson Reuters' Web of Science which indexes high-impact journals used in:

  • university tenure and promotion and
  • calculating university rankings.

  ResearcherID, Web of Science, and EndNote share login credentials

  Correct author attribution may be a major issue in the Web of Science, as until 2006 authors' names were indexed on the initials and not full names. Add all variants of your name to ensure proper attribution of your work. 

  Create Citation Metrics reports. Depending on a publication, citation metrics are available since 1900.

  Obtain your h-index within Web of Science.

  Integrated with EndNote.

  Fully integrated with ORCID.

ResearcherID Limitations

  Used by Thomson Reuters only.

  Based on a limited number of publications.

Create a ResearcherID Profile

  1. Register for a ResearcherID. A link will be emailed to you for confirmation.
  2. Add variants of your name (e.g.,  Mueller J.; Muller J; Mueller, JR; Jörg Müller; Joerg Mueller; Jorg Muller). Remember that prior to 2006 Web of Science indexed only the initials, not full first name.
  3. Use University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) as the primary institution name.
  4. Agree to exchange data with ORCID.

Add Publications to ResearcherID Profile

The best way to add publications to your Researcher ID profile is to search Web of Science by Author, select your articles, and add to your ResearcherID.

This way you may ensure that all of your works are correctly attributed to you.



Sample ResearcherID Profile