Publishing Journal Articles for Undergraduates

Learn how to identify relevant journals, avoid predatory publishers, and manage your citations

Identify Journals for Publishing

  • Talk to your mentor 
  • Determine if your college or department has any specific publishing guidelines or requirements
  • Keep track of journals publishing articles in your area of interest
  • Set up alerts on publisher's websites
  • Sign up for calls for papers:
    • Publishers' websites
    • Professional associations
    • Listservs and distribution lists
    • Alerts via Facebook and LinkedIn groups, ResearchGate,, etc.


  • ORCID has been adopted by published as a unique author identifier.  
  • Disambiguate yourself from other authors with similar names.
  • Use your ORCID profile as a dashboard to keep track of your entire scholarly output including journal articles, book chapters, conference presentations, patents, and much more.